Traveling to San Juan Island for the Concours

San Juan Island is a small island just off the coast of America. There is ferry service every few hours from

Anacortes, lots of places to stay and a bunch of great restaurants, and the natives are always friendly.

The San Juan Island Visitors Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce both have good websites

with information on accommodations including motels, B&B's and vacation home rentals. 

(click the links to above to go to their websites)

Town Graphics also has a great pictorial map of San Juan Island

Reservations are available for ferries to the San Juan Islands!

If you plan to visit the islands for the Concours (or any other time), making a reservation

will get you a guaranteed spot on the boat and make planning much simpler.

There is no charge for reservations, but a "no-show" deposit is secured via a credit card.

Reservations can be changed or canceled without charge up until 5pm the day prior.


Reservations become available 2 months prior to the start of summer

schedule, then 2 weeks and 2 days prior to the day of travel:

 The first release for reservations is 30% of the available space and is available now.

If you miss that then the next 30% becomes available at 7am two weeks prior:

So if you are heading to the island Sunday morning, then get online at 7am on Sunday

August 12 and make your reservations then. It is summer, they will go quick.

If you are making a weekend of it, then book each one-way trip at 7am, two weeks prior.

The next (and last) chance for a reservation is 7am two days prior to travel.

There is always some standby space, so if you miss the reservations then

arrive early, bring a book and some refreshments.

Click here for the WSF reservations page.


The ferry departs from Anacortes to Friday Harbor at 4:10am, 6:25am, 9:05am,

11:55am*, 2:00pm, 4:45pm and 8:20pm. Sailing time is just over an hour.

Return sailings from Friday Harbor will be at 5:40am, 8:05am, 11:00am*, 1:50pm,

3:45pm, 6:30pm, and the milk-run at 10:00pm. The 3:45pm is always busy,

so book early!


*Low tide alert: The 10 am-12 noon sailings coincide with a low tide (-0.3')

for Aug 24-26. Owners of cars with low ground clearance, especially front

overhang (thinking of you, Testarossa), will want to avoid those sailings

as the boarding ramps get steep.


Important Note: WSF now requires check-in in at the ticket booth

no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled sailing time. Vehicles

arriving after that time will travel standby, whining does not help. 

WSF advises planning arrival at the Anacortes terminal 45 minutes prior

to the scheduled sailing, to allow for a possible queue at the ticket booths.


The Vineyard is at 3136 Roche Harbor Road.

Tucker Street is currently torn up, for Concours entrants we are

recommending the "scenic route" via Egg Lake Road as follows:

From the ferry make a left at the tree onto Spring St, right in 2 blocks

onto 2nd street, then straight at the stop sign onto Guard, and straight

at the stop sign at Tucker-- don't turn right. Follow Guard (which

becomes Beaverton Valley), and make a right turn onto Egg Lake Rd.

(which is 3.3 miles from the last stop sign at Tucker). Then right when

Egg Lake ends at Roche Harbor Rd, then 0.9 miles and left into the

vineyard main entrance for exhibitors.  Spectator parking is at the

gate just prior to Vineyard main entrance.


If you are bringing your SUV then make the right at Tucker (above),

stay left at the "Y" for the for the labs where Tucker becomes

Roche Harbor Road. Continue for another 2.8 miles and turn into the

vineyard main entrance for exhibitors. Spectator parking is at the

gate just past the Vineyard main entrance.

Here's an interactive Google map showing how to get to San Juan Vineyards, the site for the Concours:


And [Gasp] Google now has "street view" for San Juan Island. Imagine your car on this hillside: